Mercury ended its three-week retrograde cycle last week, but like a heavy train loaded with people and goods, it takes some time to level up. The wheels spin as the engine struggles to pull the train out of the station. This week, he’s gaining momentum and moving forward. Unexpected problems and delays will always occur. It takes patience right now.

Things are gradually getting back on track, obstacles are gradually being erased, order is back and you can start making progress in all your plans and stratagems. Mercury is still in Libra, so the focus is on negotiation. Diplomacy is essential. Keep calm and use your communication skills to achieve important goals. The outlook is good.

A square Venus Neptune Wednesday will awaken old memories. This can lead to events and people buried in your subconscious for many years. You will be surprised what happens. Nostalgia can make a few tears fall.

The Sun takes us into the season of Scorpio, when the nurturer of life plunges into the dark confines of Hades, symbol of the unconscious. The leaves fall from the trees, revealing their beautiful shapes. The fall season is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere as we head into Halloween this weekend.

Mars, our source of power and vitality, will join the Sun in Scorpio on Saturday. This will fuel our determination to understand the invisible currents of our unconscious world. A square of Saturn in the Sun on Saturday will activate your ability to scrutinize every aspect of your life. It will help you see where your life is going. Important decisions will be made.

Remember that Jupiter, the bearer of mirth and wisdom, has also ended his demotion. Her coming back brings new opportunities and hope to your life. Positive thoughts will bring you into a new reality filled with inspiring and uplifting visions.

Here is your weekly horoscope for Monday, October 25, 2021.


In times of tension, history is made. Long lazy days of contentment seldom lead to progress. Comfortable and cozy situations do not encourage anyone to great achievements. When, however, there is a little stress and a little need, there is always a lot more change. With the right attitude, you will attract positive change. You can’t stop the change from coming, but you can, through your attitude and your mind, turn it into something you’re afraid of – or something that works to your advantage. And now, as Mercury accelerates its forward movement, it seems certain that a positive change is coming to your world.


Now you have to be stable. You need to be creditworthy, secure, and comfortable – basically, comfortable. With Mercury now picking up speed in direct motion, you are being guided on a path to happiness. You might not know it yet, but you have no choice but to relax and let your situation take a natural turn for the better. This week, despite all your doubts and misgivings – and regardless of all the recent drama – things will get smoother and easier. You can get anywhere, you can do something, you don’t have to feel like nothing will ever change. Progress is possible. You are protected.


You have long since adapted to the idea that life on earth is difficult. You carry a large collection of defense mechanisms and troubleshooting devices in your psychological toolbox. But everything is changing. You are now starting to feel more secure. As Mercury gains speed in direct motion, there is no need to prepare for conflict or prepare for adversity. You are cared for by a benign sky. You learn to have an intelligent and positive interest in everything. You are complaining about nothing. Wherever you really need help, you will get it.


You find yourself staring longingly at high and distant goals and wondering how the heck you are going to achieve them. As Mercury accelerates its forward movement, you will remember that such a lack of knowledge has never stood in your way before. You just need to identify your target and aim it vaguely. Then, of course, if you put in a little effort, you’ll end up making a mark. Be grateful for the good things. But also be thankful for the things that don’t look so good. They are doing you more service than you might think by prompting you to take constructive action.


As Mercury accelerates its forward movement, you begin to draw a series of clear conclusions. You feel passionate, excited and determined. All of which, potentially, is pretty good – as long as you don’t make too many crazy assumptions in the process. If you want to see the future, you have to understand the past. A discovery awaits you. The same is true of a conversation or exchange of information of immense practical value. It will put part of your story in a different perspective. And in doing so, it will give you something very inspiring to look forward to.


Big questions have to be answered. These questions are at the heart of everything. Keep asking them, and as you do, consider the possibility that there is an even bigger and even more crucial question that needs to be addressed. Use your imagination. The direct movement of Mercury is accelerating. At some point this week, through your questions, a brilliant glimpse will emerge as to what your future holds for you. You’ve thought a lot and talked a lot, now is the time to start taking action. You are about to come a long way in no time. All you have to do is have faith and carefully choose which direction you want to go.


There are errors you want to fix, issues you want to fix, and processes you want to put in place. With Mercury picking up speed in the forward direction, you should soon feel a great lightening of your load. You’ve reached a point where records need to be set, cards need to be placed on the tables, and honest exchanges need to take place. Do not be shy. Say what you think. Be honest. Your diplomatic nature will persuade the most stubborn of people. Despite the pressure, you are going to have a pretty splendid week. Focus on what is good and forget about the rest.


You already know the answers to your most important questions. And these aren’t going to change, no matter how much information you acquire. So don’t torture yourself with worry and overthinking. Some conversations don’t need to take place this week. There are also some thought patterns that don’t need to be pursued. A million possibilities and variables have been circulating in your head for weeks. It’s time to let them go now. As Mercury picks up speed in direct motion, there will be greater certainty in your life. Put your energy into the pursuit of something special that you have in mind. Decide to worry less and have a lot more fun.


People spend their entire lives searching for the truth. They are looking for the purpose of existence and why we are all here in this space-time continuum. If and when they find what they’re looking for, you can expect the answers to be complicated. Hearing some people talk about philosophical subjects, one could easily imagine that. But in fact, in the end, depth and simplicity go hand in hand. The secrets of life are easy to understand. With Mercury now picking up speed in forward motion, something you need to understand will start to make sense. You will experience a moment of enlightenment.


You are not really relaxed and comfortable with certain issues. Waves of apprehension continue to invade you. Recently, you worried that a certain problem could, at any time, turn from a minor difficulty to a major disaster. Stress keeps you alert and active. As long as you keep your eyes wide open, you’ll see everything you need to see in record time to do something constructive about it. With Mercury now picking up speed in forward motion, you will feel like you have found your inner guru. You will not only hear words of great wisdom, but also gain valuable insight into how to heal an important relationship.


Mercury is gradually gaining momentum after its recent retrograde phase. This suggests the slow but steady progress of an important process. Sometimes you will have the impression that you are watching the paint dry. Improvements in your life are undoubtedly underway, although the pace seems rather tedious. All you need this week is a little patience. Take people who ask you impossible questions and make you uncomfortable less seriously. From then on, you will be less embarrassed by a precarious situation than you have been in the past. You will see real reasons to be much more optimistic.


You start to feel like you’re running out of time. In fact, however, you have all the time in the world. Your apparent reason for panicking is irrelevant. Don’t try to achieve the impossible. Stick with what is doable and viable. With Mercury gaining speed while moving forward, you will have the opportunity to move away from a situation where you are not going anywhere. A change is happening and something special is going to happen to you. It’s going to be pretty wonderful. Slowly but surely, progress is being made. You are about to take a big step forward.

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