The investment plan included the construction of a 142,500 square foot factory equipped with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing technology on TYM’s 900,000 square foot factory grounds in Rome, Georgia. The expansion of the current spare parts center and the establishment of the TYM Technology Institute (TTI) for service training were also included in the investment plan. TYM announced that it has completed negotiations with the Georgia state government and will begin design work on the plant in May, aiming to complete it in June 2023. “We plan to create more than 150 jobs in the state of Georgia thanks to this investment,” a TYM representative said.

TYM, which currently has production facilities in four states of the UNITED STATESplans to increase its annual production of tractors by North America from 30,000 to 50,000 units thanks to this new investment plan. In addition, TYM will establish assembly lines for the local production of tractors at North America expanding its current Semi Knock Down (SKD) assembly lines into Complete Knock Down (CKD) facilities. The South Korean tractor manufacturer plans to dramatically improve product quality while improving parts supply and service to more than 300 dealerships around North America and expand its customer touchpoints.

TYM Group is currently among the top five tractor manufacturers in North America, with a total manufacturing market share of more than 10% in the North American market for tractors under 100 hp. With the outstanding performance of TYM-UNITED STATES and Branson, TYM Group has experienced a 17% annual growth rate since 2017, its exports to North America over the past five years has gone from $150 million in 2017 at $330 million in 2021. The tractor manufacturer aims to export more than $470 million in 2022, an increase of 41% compared to the previous year.

It is TYM’s ambitious plan to take the leap to become one of the top three brands in the North American market by launching the new TYM North America and expanding its production plant with this major investment to support its rapid growth in the market.

“This investment in North America is part of a TYM effort to maximize the customer experience. Our goal is to provide the best of TYM’s products and services to more customers and establish trust and business value with our partners,” said the head of TYM’s overseas business division. He added, “It was very meaningful for the opportunity to contribute to the cooperation. Between UNITED STATES and Korea with this major investment in facilities Georgiain line with President Biden’s visit to Korea.”

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TYM is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in South Korea. In line with his recent 70and anniversary, the company reorganized its overall management system with the changes of the international agricultural machinery market. The company has ensured its long-term growth in the future of the industry through various projects such as the autonomous driving system for agricultural machinery. The company was renamed TYM to leapfrog into a global enterprise and became the first in the industry to introduce ESG management and implement it enterprise-wide. With the establishment of “TYMICT” specializing in intelligent precision agriculture as the starting point, TYM is now preparing for the successive production of various intelligent agricultural machines such as telematics-based autonomous agricultural machines.


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