According to data presented in TheStreetRatingsTable, TheStreet research analysts gave Old Second Bancorp (NASDAQ: OSBC) a “b” rating in a report released Friday. Previously, the company had received a “c+” rating.

In recent times, several other research companies have offered their views on OSBC. On Wednesday, October 12, released a research report on the company, which marked the start of the website’s coverage of the Old Second Bancorp stock publication. They advised investors to “hold” the shares rather than sell them. According to research published Thursday, September 29 by Piper Sandler, the price target for Old Second Bancorp stock should now be $18.00. Raymond James raised his price target on shares of Old Second Bancorp from $18.00 to $18.50 and flagged the stock as a “strong buy” in a research note released Thursday, July 7. On Friday, NASDAQ: OSBC stock was first offered for trading at $14.42. The company’s beta value is 1.04 and its price/earnings ratio is 25.30. The company is currently valued at $642.56 million on the stock market. The moving average price of the stock over the past 50 days is $13.83 and the moving average price over the past 200 days is $14.11. The debt ratio is 0.31, the current ratio is 0.72 and the quick ratio is 0.72. The total amount of debt to the total amount of equity is 0.31. Old Second Bancorp’s stock price has fluctuated dramatically over the past year, from $11.95 to $15.68 per share. Old Second Bancorp (NASDAQ: OSBC) released the findings of its latest quarterly earnings report on Wednesday, July 27. The financial services company’s quarterly earnings per share came in at $0.31, which was $0.04 lower than the $0.35 analysts had expected for the quarter’s earnings per share to be. According to their most recent financial statements, Old Second Bancorp had a return on equity of 11.69% and a net margin of 12.48%, respectively. Revenue generated by the company for the quarter was $54.48 million, which is higher than the $54.27 million the market had expected for the company. According to analysts who follow the stock market, Old Second Bancorp is expected to earn a profit of $1.52 per share in 2018. Recently, the stock market has seen significant participation from various large investors buying and selling shares. In the first three months of 2018, Forum Financial Management LP increased the proportion of Old Second Bancorp held by 2,797.7%. Following the acquisition of an additional 2,715,296 shares during the period, Forum Financial Management LP now owns a total of 2,812,351 shares of the financial services provider, worth $40,807,000. Banc Funds Co. During the second quarter, Old Second Bancorp LLC increased the total amount of Old Second Bancorp shares it held to 0.9% more than before. Banc Funds Co. The company that provides financial services owns 2,178,694 shares of LLC. This is after the company made an additional purchase of 20,000 shares throughout the period. The current market value of these shares is $29,151,000. In the first three months of 2018, BlackRock Inc. increased the number of shares held by Old Second Bancorp by 9.0%, bringing its total ownership percentage to 100%. BlackRock Inc. now has a total of 2,173,725 shares held by the financial services provider. These shares have a value of $31,541,000 and were acquired by the company by purchasing an additional 179,424 shares during the period in question. During the first three months of the year, Vanguard Group Inc. increased the proportion of Old Second Bancorp shares held by 42.3%. After purchasing an additional 572,257 shares in the last quarter, Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 1,925,199 shares in the company that provides financial services. The company also provides investment advice. The value of these shares at present is $27,934,000 in total. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company increased its stake in Old Second Bancorp by 0.3% in the first three months of the year. This investment update is at the bottom of the list but far from trivial. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company now owns 1,075,355 shares held by the financial services provider after purchasing an additional 2,969 shares in the most recent period. This brings the total number of shares held by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company to 1,075,355. These shares are currently worth a total of $15,603,000 at this time. The total share capital of the company is held by institutional investors and hedge funds, which represent 67.30% of the total. Old Second Bancorp, Inc. is the holding company in charge of the local bank known as Old Second National Bank. Old Second National Bank is a subsidiary of Old Second Bancorp, Inc. It is possible to open individual checking accounts and accounts for certificates of deposit, demand, NOW, money market, savings, deposit at term and individual retirement accounts. 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