More and more states and cities are asking residents to shelter in place. New York is seeing a sharp increase in the number of cases as it tests more people.

But there are still things that make us happy.

The good old downtown Maine hopes to host a graduation ceremony at a drive-in movie theater. Kennebec Valley Community College would have students come to the theater and perform the remarks in their cars. The college hopes to support local businesses by ordering flowers and take-out for the event, as well as videographers to record it. Professors and staff lined the streets in their cars to cheer on the graduates.

Richard Hopper, president of the college, said he hoped the starter solution would inspire other college leaders. (Hopper stressed that the launch would only take place if it complied with national, state and local laws and ordinances on public gatherings, which fluctuate across the country. “

“I can’t wait for the graduate students to be celebrated in a way that recognizes all they have learned and all that they have overcome to reach the finish line,” he said via email . “It’s also important that faculty and staff celebrate their students. “

Capitoline Hill Books in DC allows people to pay $ 100 to receive a mysterious bag of books. If you pay for the shipping, you can have it delivered outside of the district. (Or maybe ask your local bookstore if they would consider doing this, too?)

For our final good news, check out this baby penguin named Zion who recently hatched at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans.

Alright, let’s get to the news.

A Democratic aide told us that the project $ 10,000 in student loan relief will not feature in the coronavirus stimulus package, although a smaller amount is possible.

Meanwhile, colleges are hoping for a Republican proposal for encourage more charitable giving during this period with deductions.

And New Jersey already has frozen nearly a billion dollars in government spending in anticipation of declining revenues. The freeze includes $ 71 million in college operating assistance, $ 21 million in tuition assistance and $ 10 million in county college operating costs.

A public university has already declared a state of financial emergency due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic. The Central Washington University board voted in favor of the statement, which will allow the university to take dramatic cost-cutting measures, such as sacking full professors. The board of directors will hold a special meeting later this month.

The president of Harvard University and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19, and a resident of a living learning community affiliated with Columbia University died of complications virus.

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Percolating thoughts

It’s a time when everyone has an opinion. As journalists we try not to have opinions, but we have collected other interesting ones.

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