Providing an employee vision care plan gives employers a “leg up on the competition” because it is a benefit that is not yet common in the hiring process, says Kelly Wenrich, director of the hiring process. client management at Versant Health.

Wenrich also points out that when employees take care of their vision, they are healthier and more productive, which can benefit the company as a whole.

Encouraging employees and their families to have annual eye exams can be a relatively inexpensive and minimally invasive way for them to gain a window into their overall health.

“A complete eye exam is more than reading an eye chart,” says Lisa Hall, regional vice president of third-party commercial sales for Versant. She adds that more than 25 chronic health problems can be identified through an eye exam and that, surprisingly, 20% of people diagnosed with diabetes first learned of their condition through a routine eye exam.

Wenrich and Hall both say providing a vision care service requires very little commitment from employers, both operationally and financially, but it can be a key component in increasing satisfaction and loyalty. employees.

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