OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The nation’s highest premiums for home insurance are found here in Oklahoma.

According to reports from Bankrate.com and Insurance.com, the average price is around $3,500.

“I wasn’t surprised to find that Oklahoma had one of the highest rates,” said Ian Rupert, a Midwest City insurance adjuster.

He represents the policyholders – the owner – and knows what drives up costs for consumers.

“The frequency and severity of roof claims and other disasters, which likely contribute a lot to the premium amount,” Rupert said.

The weather is the main factor.

Florida has hurricanes and California has fires, but Rupert said it’s the seasonal weather that causes Oklahoma to increase driving bonuses year after year.

Besides severe storms, repair costs are another reason Oklahoma ranks high on the list.

“Something that is often overlooked would be the manufacturing side of things,” Rupert said.

For fabricators, Rupert said shingle and siding styles change quite often, so when repairs are needed, entire roofs need to be replaced.

And with supplies costing more due to inflation, prices get even more expensive.

“I would say a lot of it is legit and a lot of it – the manufacturers are there to make a profit,” the insurance adjuster said.

High insurance prices are a shock to out-of-state new home buyers.

KFOR spoke to a home buyer from California and Florida.

In California, the premiums were $800 compared to the new premium of $3,000 for their Oklahoma home.

The Florida homeowner said she was paying $3,000 for her new home in Sooner State. She said the premiums are more than double compared to Florida.

Oklahoma insurance commissioner Glen Mulready said there are trade-offs for people leaving Florida and California.

“I think for someone moving from California to Florida, I have really good news for you, and that’s you can buy a lot more home,” Mulready said.

Competition is his best suggestion for finding lower prices.

The commissioner said Oklahoma has more than 800 insurance companies, so there are options to “shop around.”