Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi was once again on Time’s 100 most influential people list. Coffers in Nagpur would swell beyond 56 ″ with pride after reading the reasons mentioned by Profile Editor, Fareed Zakaria, for Modi to make the Top 100. Profile Editor, Fareed Zakaria, gives alumni de Pradhan of India’s largest NGO takes credit for putting “secularism, the rights of Muslims and journalists and anti-government rights groups” on the brink of extinction. The Hindutva Brigade won’t be wrong if they tell the American writer to worry about Black Lives Matter in his home instead of complaining about Modi’s evil influence destroying New India. They would be right to point out that Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru’s idea of ​​secularism was the result of their thinking “corrupted” by their education in England. Unlike them, Modi is a pure 24K student of a subject unique to India, Entire Political Science, and is not corrupted by the Western concept of an individual with rights questioning the state and its power. He reached the top by blindly obeying orders first and later his wish became command. If he had believed in Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”, he might never have progressed so far from that Western Railways platform to which he often refers. His Gujarat model of Vikas envisions a Chaiwala giving gyan to IIT-IIM guys on administration, Air Force officers learning the importance of cloud cover to dodge radars and the list of what its Mann Ki Baat is like the unfolding Draupadi sari.

Zakaria accuses Modi, once a pracharak RSS, of pushing India away from secularism towards Hindu nationalism. Why do Fareed and his ilk give a community angle to nationalism? For a true nationalist, the country comes first and he will crush the communal divisive forces of any religion with the same fervor. Therefore, Hindu nationalism is an oxymoron because not every Hindu who loves India can be a religious fanatic. He or she will instill in them the same fear as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in Golwalkar and Syama Prasad Mukherjee. Perhaps Fareed’s views are clouded by his incomplete knowledge of India in general and Hindus in particular. People like Fareed Zakaria use adjectives like Hindu nationalism and Muslim rights to define “nationalism” and “rights” in community terminology. Modi’s scammers forget that the original and real India was divided by the anti-secular / anti-Hindu community forces of Muslim rulers like Mohammad Ali Jinnah. So what is wrong if Hindus protect the identity of what is left to them?

The generations who voted for Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Co had seen the common struggle of all communities to free themselves from foreign domination. But traitors like Jinnah fell into the trap of the cunning and accomplice Britons, sowing communal discord for short-sighted short-term gain. An undivided India would have been a colossus, a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. But after partition, the three nations spent most of their time and energy fighting with each other. Even after the division, India was liberal and open-minded to have non-Hindus as president, prime minister, chief justice, chief of the army and in other important positions. The defeat of Bhim Rao Ambedkar in a reserved constituency is another shining example that the nationalists rejected the forces bent on dividing them into castes with the same contempt they showed towards the Muslim Community League, Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.

Narendra Modi was elected twice with an overwhelming majority. Why doesn’t Zakaria check the truth behind Modi’s claim that he won because he took Achhe Din to the toilet, free gas cylinders, and other allowances? Modi’s biryani diplomacy with Nawaz Sharif and ISI’s invitation to Pathankot during the first term and the twist of the hand on the Chinese intrusion into Ladakh now, make it hard to believe that an Indian sane mind would be impressed by his “nationalism” or vote for his reaction to the Pulwama tragedy.

As far as his “Hindu” credentials are concerned, his vain vain on Ram Mandir had upset even the VHP and the judgment of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi saved Modi from the blushes. Those who point out the controversies surrounding Judge Gogoi should not forget that there were four other judges who were not in Rajya Sabha and who were not first charged and then cleared of charges of sexual harassment. Moreover, Modi started the construction of Ram Mandir during the not very auspicious period of Shraddh. Something a die-hard Hindu would never do. Labeling him as a Hindu leader for visiting temples before and during the elections is unfair. He visited a Bohra mosque in India and even visited The Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia, the largest in Southeast Asia.

Another controversial remark from Fareed is that Narendra Modi has “eroded the rights of Muslims”. Farmer protesters, opposition leaders jailed or under the magnifying glass of various agencies controlled by Modi are making similar charges of rights violations and intimidation, and most of them are not Muslims. So why this biased emphasis on “the rights of Muslims”? Then there are the courts which do not fall under Modi and are the guardians of the Constitution. Does Zakaria mean that even the courts are compromised?

Fareed also accuses the Indian Prime Minister of having “intimidated journalists who shed light on his abuses and of having passed laws paralyzing thousands of NGOs and advocacy groups in India”. As recently as last week, Modi reportedly said he was missed by critics. Fareed accuses Modi of “intellectual dishonesty” and “political deception” because critics have either been put behind bars, sacked by their organizations under pressure from Modi, or silenced by instilling fear of incur his anger? Why would Modi intimidate journalists if Pegasus spyware, as it is claimed, to monitor them? NGOs and advocacy groups have been found to be breaking the rules, and the fact that most of them are run by critics of Modi might just be a coincidence. Why will the Modi team go down to such a low level because the voices of these critics have failed to stop Modi’s march, until now?

Last but not least is Fareed’s accusation of mismanaging Covid. Here, too, Modi proved similar accusations by the opposition party to be false. His minister denounced the opposition’s lies about deaths from lack of oxygen, citing statistics in Parliament. Whether the Modi government-controlled ICMR never advised doctors to list lack of oxygen as a cause of death is another debate and the prime minister cannot be blamed for mismanagement for the misconduct. others. The same explanation erases the name of Modi in cases related to the bodies dumped in the rivers of UP and Bihar. Modi promoted vaccination and a record was set on her birthday. The controversies surrounding the falsification of Covid vaccination data by various states and the refusal of the UK and the world to accept Indian vaccines and vaccination certificates are not its fault. As Pradhan of India, he deserves to take credit for all good work done. When it comes to the loopholes, there is always a babu or a neta to blame.

It is the great leader who rushes to check the progress of the construction of the new building of the parliament and to give advice on the good manners of going about it. Let’s not forget that the IAF owes part of its success to Balakot to Modi’s last-minute advice to “use cloud cover to avoid radar detection”.

The final confirmation of Fareed’s bias is that he places Narendra Modi below Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Zakaria ignores tons of data repeated 24/7/365 by Modi and his team, showing that Modi single-handedly did more than all the other prime ministers put together. India will surely benefit from the stress test inflicted on all pillars of democracy by Modi and his team. Indira’s emergency was a run in the park by comparison. It is Modi’s asset privatization and monetization plans that measure the market value of domestic assets built by Nehru. No one got rich from these temples of modern India built by Pandit Nehru. Now Modi and his pandas are going to rake the moolah.

Foreigners pitched Islamic terrorists theory to slander Muslims and now they are concocting Hindu nationalism and other rooster and bull stories to slander Narendra bhai and hamper his efforts to make India a 5,000 billion economy dollars and Vishwaguru. Don’t listen to the Fareeds of the world. The facts are in front of you, you are part of the Modi experience, if you still can’t see the truth don’t blame Modi, smile and put up with her.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.