The award recognizes employers who have achieved the highest standards in workplace safety

Harrisburg – The Assistant Secretary of Compensation and Insurance of the Department of Labor and Industry (L&I), Scott G. Weiant, today virtually presented Monroe Energy LLC as a trainer with the Governor’s Award for Excellence on safety, stressing the importance of workplace safety committees.

“Monroe Energy, which has celebrated over a million hours worked without a recordable injury, has injury rates well below the industry average,” Weiant said. “Some of the company’s proactive safety measures further underscore the company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring worker safety and preventing injury.”

All Pennsylvania employers are eligible for the Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence. Information and criteria used to determine finalists include workplace injury / illness against industry standards and innovation and strategic development of safety policies and approaches.

“Monroe Energy is truly honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Jeff Warmann, CEO and President of Monroe Energy. “This recognition was deserved by each member of our team who, above all, considers safety as our fundamental value on a daily basis. While we are thrilled with this recognition, we also recognize that our efforts to create an even safer workplace never stop. “

Since being purchased by Delta Air Lines in 2012, Monroe Energy’s Trainer facility has focused primarily on the production of high quality transportation fuels. In addition to jet fuel, the 185,000 barrels per day facility also produces gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

Monroe Energy, with nearly 500 employees, has reduced its injury rate by nearly 200% since 2013 by deliberately shifting from a responsive safety culture to one where safety belongs to everyone and by using leading indicators, including the Good Catch program, to prevent injuries.

The company’s joint safety committee, which is made up equally of Monroe Energy employees who are represented by United Steelworkers Local 10-234 and unrepresented employees, conducts monthly safety audits, including especially in an area unknown to those inspecting to avoid complacency.

“Safe and accident-free workplaces not only protect workers from death or injury, but businesses can also benefit from lower workers compensation costs,” Weiant said. “Workplace safety committees are a valuable tool in reducing worker injuries, and companies with a certified committee also get a five percent discount on their workers’ insurance premiums. ”

More than 12,800 state-certified occupational safety committees have been established since March 1994, protecting more than 1.6 million workers. In addition, employers with certified workplace safety committees saved more than $ 838 million in workers’ compensation premiums. These insurance cost savings are only due to the five percent premium discount given to companies that have these committees.

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