Ripple is one of the FinTech companies that intend to revolutionize the traditional financial world. As Brad Garlinghouse has said on several occasions, Ripple intends to succeed SWIFT, the traditional facilitator of cross-border remittances that has been around for more than 43 years. So far, the technology has proven to be more effective than that of SWIFT. Together with Canada, MAS of Singapore launched a payment platform and completed its first transaction yesterday.

The speed and efficiency of this platform as well as the poor performance of XRP prompted a FinTech official, Sopnendu Mohanty, to make this comment;

“We don’t see much in Ripple Bank’s digital currency, but we still hope we can eliminate a lot of inefficiencies. […] when it comes to cross-border payments.

If other executives feel the same, XRP and Ripple might find it difficult to dominate the traditional cross-border payments industry. Banks are already starting to create their own internal settlement systems to perform the same functions as XRP. RippleNet has a group of over 200 financial institutions, but most of these institutions use xCurrent which does not require the XRP token.

Ripple XRP price prediction 2019

XRP (XRP) price today – XRP / USD

Right now, XRP is the worst performing among the top five coins. Of the top 100, the only coin that is doing worse than XRP is Tether (USDT). Yesterday, as other cryptocurrencies saw big gains against the USD, XRP was only able to rise 1.3% against the USD. While the XRP token is long term bullish, the short term trend is bearish. It is important that the price of XRP is promising in the short term so that every digital asset investor on the XRP rich list is comfortable with their investments and does not start selling.

Before the weekend is over, the price of XRP could fall below the support at $ 0.3000 again, as it did during the week. The last thing the 2019 XRP forecast needs is more negative feedback from industry leaders. Source: Smartereum

Ripple XRP Price Analysis

Is XRP Dead? It has become one of the most popular questions in the cryptocurrency space with others like “Is XRP safe”, “why is XRP falling”, “XRP is going he recover ”? People ask questions like these because the current XRP price action is daunting.

For almost a month, the price of XRP was stuck in a downtrend line. Even when the price of Bitcoin and altcoins rose against the USD, XRP reported little gains. The 2019 XRP price prediction that was initially bullish suddenly turned bearish.

According to the latest XRP price analysis on cryptopolitan; XRP and was trading at around zero point zero nine dollars ($ 0.097). XRP has resistance levels at zero point three, four and five dollars ($ 0.37, $ 0.45 and $ 0.51) while support levels are stable at zero point two dollars ($ 0.29) .

One-day XRP charts indicate the green closing bars that are making the crypto community anticipate increased market momentum for XRP. The CMF indicated otherwise and predicted a decrease in market momentum for XRP. The price of the ripple has been volatile over the past few weeks, but the currency is slowly picking up momentum. However, the XRP price may still take a while to get there, slowly and steadily.

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