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MSMEs contribute to a large extent to the nation’s GDP and to help these Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) the Indian government had declared a Rs. 3 lakh crore Emergency Line of Credit Guarantee Program (ECLGS) for small and medium enterprises under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package which is valid until March 21, 2021. In addition, MSMEs who are looking for an MSME loan can also benefit from the same from Ziploan.

Ziploan still believes in encouraging and motivating MSME organizations to move forward and contribute to the nation, and with the help of Ziploan Business Loan, it becomes fast enough and hassle free to boost slow activity. .

Zipped loan offer MSME loan up to Rs. 7.5 lakh in order to meet the financial needs of business owners. Business owners can qualify for an unsecured MSME loan without any collateral in just 3 days * once they have submitted all the required documents online.

Read on on business loan for SMEs.

Easy application and quick disbursement process

MSME owners who want a business loan can apply online through the Ziploan website or even through mobile. loan application in order to avoid any delay. All they have to do is:

  • Fill it out Commercial loan form with basic details
  • Download all relevant documents
  • Get business loan approval and loan disbursement within 3 days * (Additionally, Ziploan also offers same-day approvals as well as disbursements within three days of document submission and verification).

After Ziploan completes the basic eligibility and credit checks, the online business loan is paid directly into the business owner‘s bank account, so that they can use it for various purposes, such as in emergency, or for a large project, etc. .

Small business loan up to Rs. 7.5 lakh

While seeking business growth or expansion, reorganizing the existing business in some form or another is also an option. For example, investing to expand its customer base, purchase new equipment, manage cash flow, etc.

All of these initiatives need funds, and with Ziploan MPME Loan it is possible to qualify for a business loan of up to 7.5 lakes even without any collateral. These unsecured business loan help businesses meet their various expenses; and meet various capital needs.

Variable duration for easy repayment

To ensure that repayment doesn’t become a burden, Ziploan’s repayment term starts from 12 months to 36 months. And hence, a business owner has plenty of time to repay the MSME loan amount. For financial planning, business owners can also use Ziploan’s business loan EMI calculator and plan for the future. The Ziploan EMI calculator is very easy and simple to use. Simply enter the loan amount, tenure, business loan interest rate, and the business owner will easily know how much EMI to pay.

Additionally, Ziploan offers loans to MSMEs with no prepayment fees after the business owner has paid the first 6 IMEs (excluding pre-EMI).

Easy eligibility and minimal documentation

Ziploan offers business loans with simple, easy-to-meet eligibility requirements. According to Ziploan business loan eligibility criteria, a business owner can get a business loan if:

  • Between 23 and 65 years old
  • 2-year company vintage
  • Zipscore of at least 750
  • ITR of the last 2 years

Business loan eligibility requirements must be met in order to get a small business loan for a business enterprise, which is also quite straightforward.

To qualify for an MSME loan, business owners must submit a very minimal set of documents that include the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Financial documents
  • Proof of business ownership

About Ziploan

ZipLoan under the trade name of Blue Jay Finlease Ltd is a registered RBI NBFC in Delhi which was established in 2015 with the mission of ensuring easy availability of unsecured business loans to small business owners in India. The technology platform made it possible to offer a loan in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Ziploan aims to solve the fundamental problem facing these small business owners – getting easy financing whenever you need it.

Why choose Ziploan?

Ziploan helps business owners with easy financing and the documentation required to qualify for a business loan is very minimal. In addition, Ziploan offers an unsecured business loan, and once the necessary documentation is completed, homeowners can receive the funds directly into their bank account in just 3 days *. In addition, Ziploan also contributes to a flexible repayment structure, so that there is no need to worry or consider repaying the business loan amount as a burden. Ziploan has already empowered over 10,000 businesses and is growing. In addition, it is active in over 14+ cities.

Finally, to make the process much simpler, easier and smoother, the business owner can apply for an instant business loan while in the office, home or anywhere and without necessarily waiting in long lines. There is no need to go to the office as it is possible to avail the unsecured business loan online from the Ziploan website and also the mobile loan app.

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