The company expands and creates its segment of digitization services.

Berlin, June 30, 2021: Berlin-based botspot company, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of multi-sensor 3D scanning systems, has been converted into a German Aktiengesellschaft (AG) following a successful funding round (valuation 20 millions of euros). This was announced today in Berlin by Sascha Rybarczyk (Board of Management, botspot AG). Due to its strong growth in series production and thanks to several major research and development projects with major automakers, the company will move to a new and much larger production and administrative headquarters in Berlin before the end of the month. August of this year. For its area of ​​activity, which is also growing in digitization services, a legally independent subsidiary is planned as a spin-off for the second half of the year, as well as the creation of a distribution company on the same site.

Sascha Rybarczyk, Board of Directors botspot AG:
The huge demand from various industries for 3D technology, especially for botspot 3D scanners, creates a great atmosphere of change. With the restructuring, botspot is on course to continue to shape the 3D market with unique innovative power, the best know-how and great passion.

With the change of legal form to a joint-stock company, Sascha Rybarczyk (previously already managing director of the company) and Bernd Timmermann (new member with many years of experience in industrial production) were appointed to the board of directors.

Co-founder and lawyer Markus Frank, software entrepreneur and lawyer Dr Peter Becker (Jurasoft AG) and marketing specialist and multiple founder Vian Feldhusen have joined the supervisory board.

botspot AG is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of multi-sensor 3D scanning systems (eg, photogrammetry and infrared). Since its establishment in 2013, the company has become an innovation leader and has developed a wide range of scanners as serial products or customized scanning solutions which are used in many different industries (the export quota is 94%). In addition to various 3D scanning systems for scanning people and objects, botspot offers customized scanning solutions for many applications in e-commerce, healthcare, industrial applications and VR / AR. / MR.

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