The latest upgrade promotes accountability, streamlines meeting procedures, and aligns management goals to further ensure meetings feel productive and professional, even when staff cannot meet in the workplace.

Tampa, Florida (Jun 18, 2021) – MatchWare Inc. has announced the release of MeetingBooster 6, a new and improved upgrade to its award-winning meeting management software. Fully integrated with MS Outlook for easy access, the software promotes secure and efficient collaborations by facilitating the planning, execution and archiving of meetings.

“Today more than ever, companies are forced to have regular virtual meetings. Making sure these meetings are productive, efficient and collaborative has never been more important. We have developed MeetingBooster 6 to help our users take control of meetings in the most efficient way. With this new upgrade, we believe everyone will benefit from an improved collaboration process, ”said Thomas Henriksen, CTO of MatchWare.

MeetingBooster 6 improves meeting workflow with new features such as:

Tasks for guests: Create tasks for external meeting invitees before, during, or after the meeting. Track the meeting actions you assign to them and automatically distribute tasks as needed.
Calendar view: Includes all completed and upcoming meetings. View agendas and meeting minutes from a single point to view the meeting schedule by day, week and month.
Decisions tab: Filter the minutes using the quick view of meeting minutes option to save time. Turn discussions into action plans by reviewing only important decisions and exporting them to Excel or PDF.
Live Note Taking: Keep note taking private by enabling customizable controls like Show Notes or Hide Notes Live During Meeting.

Assigned tasks are now visible in the meeting card. Note-takers can view the full list of meeting tasks and use the Tasks button to create a new task. They can choose which attributes to display in the table and select which properties to display for specific agendas and meeting minutes in the agenda settings. MeetingBooster 6 also allows co-organizers to add participants to a meeting, improves the management of locked sessions and the creation of recurring meetings.

“MeetingBooster 6 is pure time saver and great software that cuts down on our time spent in meetings and makes monitoring them quick and easy. Despite the lack of face-to-face working time, this ensures that our team will never fall behind. With all the meetings we organize in our company, this is a must, ”said Brice Mauclaire, MatchWare client and France sales manager at OneTrust.

MatchWare’s MeetingBooster 6 is sold as an annual subscription with options from 1 to 5 years. Volume and site licenses are also available.

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